Northshore AC Repair

When to call a Northshore AC Repair Service

The problems that most of the Northshore AC Repair services see are ones that could have been easily avoided if the person had called sooner. Ask any repairman and they will tell you that generally if you can’t fix a problem by unplugging and re-plugging in a unit then you need to call someone. Nowadays, with the rise of the do it yourself culture and the Internet, more people are trying to fix AC units themselves, and getting themselves into expensive trouble.

Why is plugging and unplugging a unit the deciding factor?

Believe it or not it isn’t a random fix, but unplugging the electricity to a unit and then plugging it back in can reset the controller board that most of the AC units come with. Just like with your computer, resetting the controller board is one of the best ways to refresh a unit that has just had its small memory cluttered. It is surprising what can be fixed this way.

It isn’t that you can’t fix some of the problems

The DIY information can sometimes be very good, and yes – there are a lot of problems that you can fix yourself and save yourself the cost of a Northshore AC Repair service, but only if two other things are also true. You have to have both the tools and experience to be able to do even the simplest of fixes on an AC unit. Even if it is a small window unit the new ones are complex designs of electronic components, computer elements and high pressured cooling fluids. Mess with these without experience and you could wind up needing a brand new unit.

Knowing what you should do yourself

The new AC units, even the larger ones attached to central air systems, are designed so that the owner can perform much of the maintenance that they need on it with no issue or special tools. Look in the owner’s manual and there is typically a chart that spells out the maintenance you can do by yourself, and what needs a technician. Follow that chart like it is the golden rule.

What to do when you need a Northshore AC repair service

When you do have an issue that is not corrected with the magic of unplugging the unit, and it isn’t listed on your service manual chart as something you should be doing – then it is time to call in a professional. Before you call you want to know the make, model and serial number of the unit. If the unit requires special access (like in a shared basement), know how you are going to let the repairman in. You should also have an idea of your schedule so you can work with the repairmen to decide a best time for service. If there are special circumstances, such as someone in the home having a condition that makes AC a health need, please say that loud and clear. Once you have all of that information, call the Northshore AC repair company that has the best reputation with proving quality service and you won’t be disappointed.

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