My Child’s Overheated Birthday Party in Winnetka

About a month ago I threw my son his 10th birthday party at our house. Everything was going great! The cake came out amazing, all of his friends and our family showed up, we had great food, a good DJ, and it was a nice hot sunny day. Everything seemed to be perfect until I started to notice how hot it was becoming inside the house.

Winnetka air conditioner repair

People inside started asking me to turn on the air and I began seeing people sweat. I remembered turning on the air already so I went to double check. The air conditioner was on but no air was coming out of any of the vents. Of course I started to panic. I had all of these guests over and my house was slowly starting to turn into an oven. I did not know what to do so I logged online. The internet seems to have the answers for everything.

I got online and typed in Winnetka air conditioner repair. A lot of HVAC companies popped up in my browser but I was only interested in companies that had emergency services. I finally found a HVAC repair company that offered emergency repair calls. I gave the number a call and the company had somebody to my house within 2 hours. When the repair man started working on the air conditioning it did not take long at all. He had our air conditioner running smoothly in just 30 minutes after his arrival.

The air conditioning repair man said that we had a water leak that he was able to fix before it got really bad. He also said we needed new air filters in every room so he changed them out. He explained to me that there was a bunch of little problems that turned into a big problem by going bad all at once. I was just happy that he was there to fix it and save my son’s birthday party from ending early.

After everything was finished I was ecstatic that my son’s birthday was not ruined by the heat. We only had to sit in the heat for a few hours but then it got fixed quickly. Everybody stayed longer and slowly began looking like their normal selves once the air started running again. To reward the HVAC repair man that saved the day, I packed him a plate of food and cake to take with him on the road.

I never had to call a repair man for my air conditioning before but I was able to see how easy it is. I was literally able to fix my broken air conditioner within a few hours. I turned my son’s party back into something fun for everybody by being proactive and finding a way to fix my air conditioner. Now I know for the future exactly where to call and what to expect. I hope I never have any more air conditioning problems but just in case, I will be prepared this time.

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