Month: September 2015

Deerfield Plumbers – Lessons from the best

Ask any of the Deerfield plumbers around and they will tell you that your plumbing is like the circulatory system of your home. They are the arteries that carry what you need to your appliances and the veins that take the waste away. If anything goes wrong with one or both of these systems, you are going to have trouble on your hands. The common, and not so common, tricks they recommend for home owners to keep their plumbing in good condition are ideas all Deerfield plumbers promote because they work they want to do is the work you need – not the work you create. Here are some of the simple lessons from the best Deerfield plumbers to help you keep your plumbing in order, and use professional plumbing services to your advantage.

Use drain screens, but remember to clean them

One of the longtime Deerfield plumbers starts ticking of the number of times he has been called out to homes that are less than 5 years old for major plumbing problems caused by the simplest of devices sold in a home goods store – the drain screen. Drains screens are one of the best modern inventions to help you avoid deep plugs in your plumbing, but people seem to forget that they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The process is simple, but it can still be nasty; the screens lift out and can be rinsed clean. Wear a pair of rubber gloves and just don’t look too closely at whatever is clogging them up.

Make sure that your drains are snaked annually

Another common complaint from plumbers is that they get called to homes to unplug major clogs in drains that could have been avoided by having the drains snaked on an annual basis. One of the Deerfield plumbers points out that the very nature of the name of the area suggests mud and fields, no matter how much asphalt you put on that, mud will get into your drains and they need to be cleaned or they will back up inside the home. The cost of annual snaking is not expensive, and it can help reduce the risk of expensive problems later.

Don’t wrap moisture, solve it

Another common home store fix that creates more problems than it is worth comes with pipe insulation. Many home owners don’t understand which pipes should be wrapped, and many more use the wrapping to control the sweating on pipes. Pipes do sweat, but covering it removes their ability to let off pressure. It can also hide a sweat that is really the beginnings of a leak. Most Deerfield plumbers will wrap pipes for you so it is done effectively, and this will also allow them to inspect heavily sweating pipes to make sure it isn’t a problem that needs to be resolved.

Don’t hang things from pipes, or prop them up out of the way

This is one that plumbers see all too often. Exposed pipes, especially in basement areas, seem like they are made for hanging things on for the home owner. If the pipe is in the way, many home owners will even block them up if they are doing a DIY wall as well. Plumbing is a very exact science. Especially when it comes to running the pipes from the main into the home, which is what the basement pipes are doing. If you knock the pipes out of alignment you are going to cause tremendous problems with the functioning of your plumbing. Pipes may sometimes be metal, but they can break. Leave pipes alone and never hang anything off them at all.

Learn that the best time to call a plumber is when you think there is a problem

All of the Deerfield plumbers are in agreement that the best time to call a plumber is when you think you have a problem, not when you know you have one. That is the difference between noticing a drain is moving slowly and having a backed up sink. If you are looking to control your costs of repair the key is not to find a plumber and argue about their charges, but to address problems when they are small. Plumbers will most often tell you over the phone if there is something you can try first to fix it yourself before investing in a site call, so don’t hesitate to call when something isn’t right.

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